Monday, July 22, 2013

Kids + Surfing at Neah Bay = Awesome

By 9 AM the cars were steadily rolling into Hobuck camp ground in Neah Bay on Saturday.  The kids climbed out - many already in swimsuits - excited to participate in the surf camp put on by Warm Current.  Some kids remembered surfing with us last year and were back for another go!

The whole crowd did some warm-up and stretching before learning the surfing basics and safety.  Things got pretty silly as we practiced paddling in the sand.  We also did a little beach clean up - it seems there is always garbage to pick up at the beach.

Photo credit: Tyna Mcnair

And then we all got in the water - the kids did great and really showed off how quickly they can learn surf skills!

 Photo credit: Tal Vick

Some kids were more hesitant than others...

Photo credit: Tyna Mcnair

But some were ready to stand up!

Photo credit: Tyna Mcnair

Photo credit: Tal Vick

Photo credit: Tyna McNair

Getting kids stoked about playing in our ocean was a success! Their smiles were big- and we hear they'd like to have even more surf camps.

Photo credit: Tyna Mcnair

Volunteers from all over Washington and Oregon arrived the night before the surf camp to get to know each other- we hope you can join us next time!

Check out what Warm Current is doing on the West Coast and how you can join in the fun at an upcoming event on the WA Coast at:

See you at the beach!

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