Monday, June 23, 2014

Anticipating sea level rise and flooding

If you missed our Ocean Acidification and Sea Level Rise workshop on April 8th, don't fret! You can access pdfs and youtube videos of the presentations here. In Todd Sandell's presentation, he walks you through the use of sea level rise projections in a few coastal areas to open up discussion about how we can use these projections to plan for the future.

Fortunately, more and more resources are available to help coastal communities plan for the future while incorporating these environmental changes. Through the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange you can submit your own community's case study, read about other success stories, and find many planning tools.

Two websites have a mapping tool that can help you visualize the combination of sea level rise and flood risks: Surging Seas and NOAA. Play around with the mapping tool to see multiple scenarios of what areas might be underwater in your community- is it farmland? Hotels? Estuaries?

Many reports on local climate change impacts are also available for you:

California, Oregon, Washington, and the Surging Sea

Addressing Sea Level Rise in Shoreline Master Programs (WA)

Climate Change in the Northwest: Implications for our Landscapes, Waters, and Communities

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